Our Services

Our work is beyond making your home pretty or look good.  We are about you feeling good.  Our homes are where we rest, where we commune with our Soul, where we dream. Our homes are sanctuaries for the Becomings we are striving for.  

Our services are created to make tangible your dreams, to bring to life the ideas 

you are holding about yourself in your vision of fulness & fulfillment





All creations are centered around an over sized Buddha or Kwan Yin sculpture. A water feature is optional. We focus on refined and high vibration plants, flowers, materials and enhancements.



In Tiered Fountains, we see timeless elegance; and we believe they fit perfectly with the timelessness of the soul. It is our specialty, and we find the one that matches you best for the delight of your soul.



Up leveling or upgrading enhancements are available to bring your garden more to the level of your soul's delight.


We find the best complements for harmony & balance for you.


Soul Delights Shop

We believe every space deserves to have a beautiful orchid. Adding a luxury candle, you elevate with a simple gesture the Mood Tone around you.  Anyone can immediately shift the way any room feels with these finishing touches.

Soul Reflections



We believe we must live well and beautifully, because the realm of the Soul is so beautiful!  The more you fill your surroundings with the vibrations of your soul, the more you feel its energies, feel connected and in alignment with it. The benefit? 

Being in the natural essence of your soul.

We offer Color Selection that reflects the elevated & refined energies of your soul.



Everything in your space and environment is affecting you, either "giving" you energy - where you feel good, uplifted, inspired - or "pulling" energy from you - where you feel drained, irritated or heavy.

We align your space, home or office, for ease, good vibes, your highest expression.

We believe in spaces that reflect the best you.



Conversations are gateways to solutions.


We offer Insights Consultations to help you with your next decision. We offer the guidelines, you choose your own execution.

We believe in celebrating everyone's uniqueness.